Narrator of over 68 audiobooks with more than  25 years of acting experience on screen, stage and studio.

Studied at the Professional Actors Conservatory of Salt Lake.






Sean Allen Pratt – Non-Fiction technique

Linda Bearman – Commercial VO

James Foster – In-Depth Character Study

Joel Leslie Froomkin – Dialects

Proficient in Polysylabic Verbology, Technical Medical, and Dental Terminology

Vocal Music Major, University of Utah


 RP British and various dialects, German, French,

Spanish, American Southern,

East Coast, Mid-Atlantic, Russian, Irish,

Italian, Greek, South African.

Other accents upon request.


iMac with Solid State Drive

Pacific Pro LD Mic with Shock Mount

Presonus Studio One DAW Punch & Roll

 Presonus Studio 26 Interface

RX6 Editing and Mastering Software

Bring Your Book To Life